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Enrichment Programs

Quiz Bowl

Quiz Bowl Enrichment is new to Maumelle Charter Elementary this year.  We are excited to launch this program that will be open to 2nd-5th graders.  Students interested in Quiz Bowl enjoy trivia, challenge, and competition.  Quiz Bowl is a fun yet serious enrichment.  The program will have two teams; one team will be competitive and one will be non-competitive.  The competitive team will participate in tournaments this year against students from other schools in our surrounding area.



Art- (2nd-3rdThe program for 2nd & 3rd  is for students who what to continue exploring art as a form of self-expression. The students will create a work of art for an art exhibit

(4th-5thThe 4th/5th program will be exploring different forms of art, specifically; photography and fashion design. The students will make an article of clothing from recyclable materials to enter into a fashion competition.



Science is everywhere and the application of science through Technology, Engineering and Math are key ingredients for helping children become more scientifically literate. STEM is where your child will get to explore techniques for applying math, the basics of technology, and the simplicity of the engineering design process. Come join us in STEM Enrichment where we get to use our knowledge to build bridges, create light circuits, design simple machines and paper roller coasters!


Chess Club

Students will be introduced to the rules of tournament play and be provided with varying strategies to strengthen their skills in preparation for participation with the Little Rock School District chess tournaments.  Weekly attendance and practice outside of club time is essential for building these skills.  Tournaments are all-day Saturday events (8:00-3:30) occurring at Parkview High School between October and April with a championship at the end of April or early May.  


School News

Students who are interested in creating an elementary newspaper and being a part of the morning news and announcements are encouraged to sign up for the School News enrichment. This enrichment will include the designing of a newspaper as well as interviewing and writing for the paper. Students will also be in charge of preparing daily morning announcements for the school.



4-H is a club where students learn by doing! Club members will complete projects based on their interests, like science, agriculture, food, nutrition, and engineering. We will be running community drives in the winter to benefit the less fortunate, as well as a spring "Trashless Lunch Challenge." While we will be showing students how to create and present their projects in class, students MUST be able to work on their own projects at home. There will also be a culminating event in May, when club members will be expected to show their completed projects at our annual 4-H Fair.


Musical Theatre

Join us as we put on festive winter and spring productions. There will be plenty of singing, acting, and lots of fun and laughter! Bright lights and stardom await! Meets both days each week. 

Run Club

 Utilizing our local trails, the students will run with friends, set and accomplish goals, and take ownership of their running. If you are committed to running, getting in shape, and reaching goals…Running Club is for you.  Student’s will also participate in the Little Rockers Marathon.


Project Based Learning 3rd grade-

This PBL experience takes us into the kitchen. Students will be asked to follow a recipe to prepare a dish from start to finish. A family favorite? An ethnic dish? Appetizer? Mac n’ Cheese? Flambé? It will be a challenge and involve more academic skills than you probably thought. This real-world challenge requires students to use inquiry, critical thinking, and their creative minds during the high-interest cross-curricular activities. 

Project Based Learning 5th grade-

 Gardening: Have you ever wondered what kind of garden you should plant? Come to our PBL class where we will use scientific inquiry skills to plant, record and measure for the best yield.

Spelling Team-

We are excited to be start MCES first spelling club. Students will compete in school, county, and state spelling bees. Winners of the Arkansas state spelling be will have the chance to travel to Washington D.C. to compete in the national spelling bee!

Math Ninjas

Come join our math club where you will build your confidence in math abilities, learn to persevere through challenges, and have fun! We will do activities such as math games and puzzles. You will work in teams to solve problems that will help prepare you for future math competitions.